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So many options - So why choose WizeFly?

WizeFly is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and technology solutions company. With over 20 years’ experience within the IT industry, WizeFly aims to capture the highly competitive connectivity market by delivering smart, technological solutions and support to residential and SMME/SME business end-users. We do this through superior client service and access to a network of the best IT minds and products in South Africa.

With the increase in people working from home, streaming services, home schooling, gaming and rapid technological advancements, it has never been more important to have a reliable and affordable home and business technology partner.

WizeFly can provide you with everything you need to become tech-smart – whether you are struggling to open your excel program, needing to extend your Wi-Fi range, require month to month internet connectivity between rentals or, are wanting to buy a new laptop – we are your one-stop partner for all things IT.

Our solutions and support include:

  • Connectivity
  • Online User protection through SafeDNS
  • Voice (VoIP)
  • Software Support
  • Hardware Sales
  • Smart Technology/Functionality

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