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SAFEDNS For Your Home

SafeDNS solutions prevents attacks from botnets, ransomware, computer viruses, phishing and other cybersecurity threats. The impact from cyber threats on your family outweigh the cost of any web filtering and we can help keep your family safe.

SafeDNS supports you with your “online parenting” by:

  • Filtering – Only choose family friendly websites and manage various types of content
  • Balance – Schedule internet time and supervise without getting too involved

With Safe DNS, all queries on ‘Google Search’ and ‘Bing Search’ engines will be forced to use ‘Safe Search’ filters. This will restrict access to sexually explicit content.

There is also a restricted mode for YouTube and on videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users and other signals.

The online ad blocker functionality helps you block inopportune and recurring ads in real time, such as banners, contextual ads, pop-ups, or video and audio ads.

Whether your children are doing research for a school project, chatting with friends online, or simply just surfing the web, you will be able to manage the various types of content, including blocking adult content, pornography, abusive and violent behaviour, or any inappropriate content you deem unwanted from a list of 61 available categories.

You can create up to 3 user profiles: children; teenagers and adults. This is convenient especially when you have home users of different ages.

SafeDNS is an exceptional tool that allows you to keep your family safe under your guidance and with our help


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